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Outline Introduction: Nowadays, most people In the world use the Internet. People can get all kinds of information from around the world through the Internet and life in the world easy to communicate with others. The Internet seems to be at first glance dream tool. We will write a custom essay sample on Outline or any similar topic only for you Order Now However, the Internet Is not always a bright side. It can be harmful, when people use it and little care. Thesis: Government should regulate the Internet, there are few reasons here that government should regulate the internet more strictly. Body: Main idea #1 Topic Sentence: The number of crimes on the Internet at breakneck speed is increase in the past few years. Disgruntled employees and hackers commit many cyber- crimes, and others are committed by con artists using the Web to perpetuate auction fraud, identity theft and other scams. (Hansen, B, 2002) We sometimes encounter some fraud when we do some shopping on the Internet. In this case, we are doing procurement and they do not send to the buyer, although the money has been sent to the seller. This Is very difficult to track down criminals because we have almost no Iranians, who they are, what they do, even where they live we also don’t know. If we use the Internet for online shopping, our credit card number Is stolen; then, the money In our bank account may be used up. Using the Internet to make our personal information is not safe, especially those important documents In fact, when we surf the Web, read e-mail, and download software, a hidden program is called a Trojan chat, can send to our computer without our knowing. It will steal and transfer all the information that we already saved. After that, this person may make use of it to there. (Hansen, 8. 002) Main idea # 2 Topic Sentence: Copyright infringement through unauthorized digital downloading, and file sharing is another reason why the government should control the internet. In reality, we can find out a lot of illegal work, such as music, movies, or books on the Internet. If people download free music, movies, or books without pay money, It will harm the economy. More than 2. 2 million hard-working, middle-class people In the US depend on the entertainment Indus try for their Jobs, and many millions more ark in other industries that rely on intellectual property. Clammiest, M. , 2012) Free downloading does sometimes replace a music sale, but it’s misleading to count every free Internet download as an act of piracy that deprives a copyright owner of dollars. (Clammiest, M. , 2012) The consequence of free downloading: â€Å"$58 billion is lost to the U. S. Economy annually due to content theft, including more than 373,000 lost American Jobs, $16 billion in lost employees’ earnings, plus $3 billion in badly needed federal, state and local governments’ tax revenue. Worth,J and Amy, C. , 2012) Main idea #3 Topic sentence: The censorship of internet can filter the Inappropriate information online and protect children from disturbing websites, such as, child pornography, sexual violence and detailed Instructions In crime or drug use. The undue Internet Information may weaken children’s moral consciousness and pollute c hildren’s soul. Healthy growth of children or even cause adolescent crime. However, children are easy to contact undue internet information. Since parents cannot monitor the web ages that children browse in any time and at any place, the censorship of internet can help the parents to filter undue websites for children and protect them from the misguidance and negative influence of internet. (Shears, R. , 2010). In conclusion: The censorship of internet can protect the life privacy of people, people’s economic interest and protect children from disturbing websites. The censorship of internet can protect to maintain the mainstream morals and values of the nation and help the public to form healthy and reasonable internet using consciousness. How to cite Outline, Papers Outline Free Essays During the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance (fourteenth to early 1 6th centuries) 1 . France and England fought in a devastating Hundred Years’ War (1337-1453) 2. Bubonic Plaque ravished Europe. We will write a custom essay sample on Outline or any similar topic only for you Order Now 3. Schism within the Church 4. Western Collocation seemed to be collapsing with the onslaught of the Turks and the fall of Constantinople. 5. Scholars argued and pondered over the assumptions about God and his nature. 6. Humanists recovered classic knowledge and languages, beginning cultural changes that would spread through Europe. 7. Within independent nation-states, nationalism and patriotism rose. II. Revival of the Empire, Church, and Towns A. Otto I and the Revival of the Empire I. The Old Empire and the papacy’s fortunes rise 1 . King Saxon Henry I and rebuilt royal power, leaving his successor King Otto I in a great territorial position 2. King Otto Xi’s reign (936-973) a. Otto managed to get his own blood into power In Bavaria, Swab, and Franà §ois. B. Invaded Italy and declared himself King In 951. C. Defeated the Hungarian at Leeched In 955, securing borders against other barbarian attacks. L. Earned him the title â€Å"the Great d. Enlisted the Church in a careful rebuilding program l. Crowned bishops and abbots royal princes and agents of the king. Responded to a call of help from Pope John XII. L. Pope John crowned Otto I emperor for helping him in 962. F. The Church’s power became stronger under Tot’s rule. B. The Reviving Catholic Church I. King Otto I shifted the royal focus from Germany to Italy. 1 . Successors were too preoccupied with Italy, Germany fell apa rt. Lie. Church prepared to declare its independence too new force as revived empire began to crumble. 1. Reform within the Church was coming. A. Clunky Reform Movement l. Reform movement born In French monastery 910 II. Rejected subservience of the clergy to royal authority. Separation of Church and State including the Celibacy of the Catholic clergy has its origins form this reform movement. V. The papacy embraced the reforms in the late eleventh century. Iii. Investiture Struggle: Gregory VII and Henry IV 1 . Pope Gregory VII condemned the lay investiture of clergy at any level under the penalty of excommunication. A. The emperor’s custom of installing bishops by gifting them the ring and staff (symbolizing Episcopal office) was what Gregory had in mind. B. The emperor, Henry IV took this as a challenge to authority. C. Territorial princes supported Surgery’s edict, wanting to see the emperor weakened. Henry collected his most loyal bishops, having them declare independence from Gregory. E. Gregory excommunicated Henry IV and absolved his subjects from their loyalty to him. F. Gregory begged for forgiveness by standing barefoot in the snow for some 3 days before the Pope absolved him, symbolizing the height of Papal supremacy. 2. The inve stiture controversy eventually ended when Emperor Henry V renounced his power to install bishops with the ring and staff. A. In exchange, Pope Calculus II allowed for the emperors to be able to give the bishops fiefs before or after they were invested with the ring and staff by the church. Emperor’s still had the right to veto a candidate. 3. The outcome resulted in the pope strengthening his image and place, at the cost of diminishing imperial authority. 4. In the end, local princes ended up profiting most from the entire controversy. C. The First Crusades I. Late in the 17th century, the Byzantine Empire came under assault and pressure from the Seller Turks. 1. Emperor Alexis I Comments appealed for help from the West. A. Pope Urban II accepted by launching the first Crusade. L. Religion, hot-blood, and greed were influential in the launching of the Crusades. II. Planned out and executed very carefully by the revived papacy. Ill. Promised participants of the First Crusade plenary indulgence should they die in battle. Removal of all mortal sins, etc†¦ ‘V. Sparked anti-Jewish riots and protests across Europe. V. Beat Seller army after army until Jerusalem fell to the Crusaders in 1099. 2. Latin presence in the east began to crumble after the First Crusade. A. A Second Crusade was a dismal failure. B. A Third Crusade was also a great failure and the Holy Lands remained Muslim. 3. The Crusades did help replenish and stimulate Western trade and cultural presence in the East. How to cite Outline, Papers

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